Manna Water Update


Posted by MFM Ministries

Join us for our manna water programme every wednesdays by 4:00pm, come along with your bottle of water and experience the power of the God of Elijah. If you cannot connect via the satellite, you can connect via our regions or our dedicated web page:

Surely the Lord is on this Mountain.

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  • please i need your help , i want to watch the manner water service online but i cant because its not broadcast-ed online, i live and work in Qatar, but i dont have the time to go to church during the week especially at the that time because i have being on evening shift for months now, please , our pastor said he his not allowed to give out the link , please , give me the link to watch , i wont give anyone i promise you in the name of Jesus Christ, i need to watch from work please. please, help me beg G.O or who ever is in charge of the link to watch manner water.